How do I declare a major, minor, or curricular certificate?


Majors must be declared no later than the beginning of the semester before the semester in which the comprehensive examination is to be taken. Minors and curricular certificates must be declared no later than mid-semester of a student's last semester of enrollment.


  • Download the Declaration of Program of Study form.
  • Set up an appointment with the chair of each department or program in which you are declaring a program of study.
  • Prior to your appointment(s), run and print a “What-If” degree evaluation for your proposed program(s) of study
    • log in to your Banner self-service account
    • follow the “Student Services” link
    • follow the “Student Records” link
    • follow the “Sewanee Online Degree Audit (SODA) link (make sure you have enabled pop-ups for your browser)
    • after SODA opens, click on the “What-If” tab on the left side of your browser window
    • from the drop-down boxes, choose your
      • Level = Undergraduate
      • Degree = Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science
      • Academic Year = Catalog Year of the program of study you will be following
      • Major = one or more majors you intend to declare (you must choose at least one major)
      • Minor = any minors you intend to declare (none required)
      • College = College of Arts and Sciences
      • Curricular Certificate = any curricular certificates you intend to declare (none required)
    • click the “Process What-If” button near the top of the page
    • print the “What-If” Audit
  • Complete the Declaration of Program of Study form.
  • Take the completed form along with the printed “What-If” audit to your appointment with each chair and secure his or her signature. If you are declaring a major, you must also secure the signature of the major advisor.
  • Return the completed form to the Office of the University Registrar.