Transfer Credit and Study Abroad Credit in the College of Arts and Sciences

Because academic success at the University of the South almost always requires four full years of high school preparation, the University does not normally award transfer credit for college courses earned at another college or university prior to a student's graduation from high school. Students may be considered for placement in higher-level courses on the basis of such course work.

Students wishing to transfer college credits earned during the summer prior to enrollment at the University of the South must have those courses approved for transfer in advance by the University Registrar.

The college allows some transfer credits for students who have been enrolled as degree seekers at another college or university prior to enrolling at Sewanee. The University Registrar assesses transfer work on a course-by-course basis to determine comparability to courses offered by the College of Arts and Sciences and applicability toward a University of the South program of study. Academic work with a grade of C or above from other institutions is generally accepted for credit hours only. (No credit will be accepted for a grade of C minus or lower.) Grades for such courses appear on the transcript, but they are not figured for GPA, final class ranks, academic honors, or eligibility for membership in the Order of the Gown. As each degree-seeking student must earn at least sixty-four semester hours of credit at Sewanee, transfer credit is limited to sixty-four semester hours.

Students planning to take courses during a summer session at another institution must obtain permission from the University Registrar to attend and approval of specific courses to be taken. Forms are available in the office of the registrar. Summer study through any study abroad program other than Sewanee in China or South Asia, Sewanee in Spain,  Sewanee in France or Sewanee in Russia, the WWII program, or the Sewanee program in Berlin must also have the approval of the associate dean of the college.

Quarter hours are converted to semester hours at 2/3 their face value (example: five quarter hours equal three semester hours).

The University of the South does not award transfer credit for course work taken on a non-credit basis or for “life experiences.