Articulation of Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate Examinations with General Education Requirements

Students with scores of 4 or 5 on College Board Advanced Placement (AP) Examinations and scores of 5, 6, or 7 on International Baccalaureate (IB) Higher Level Examinations will be awarded course credit subject to the following restrictions:

  • A maximum of one course credit (four semester hours) may be awarded in any of the following subject areas: anthropology, art history, biology, chemistry, Chinese, classical languages (including Latin), computer science, dance, economics, English, environmental science, film, French, geography, German, Italian, Japanese, mathematics, music, philosophy, physics, psychology, Spanish, statistics, studio and visual art, and theatre arts.
  • If a student presents satisfactory scores on two distinct examinations in distinct subject areas of history or politics, a maximum of two elective course credits (eight semester hours) may be awarded in those areas.
  • Satisfactory examination results in subject areas other than those specified above will be assessed to determine comparability to courses offered by the College of Arts and Sciences and applicability toward a University of the South program of study.
  • If a student presents satisfactory scores on AP and IB examinations in the same subject area, credit is awarded for only one examination.
  • Credit awarded for AP and IB examinations may be considered equivalent to specific courses. In such cases, a student may not receive credit for both the examination and the course.
  • Students may earn a maximum of eight course credits (32 semester-hours) for satisfactory AP or IB examination results.

Most AP and IB examinations for which Sewanee students receive credit satisfy one requirement in the general education program approved in November 2012 (AP and IB examinations may not be used to satisfy general distribution requirements articulated in the 2012-2013 or earlier college catalog).  The following tables indicate which general education requirement is satisfied by each AP and IB examination. 

AP Examination Satisfies
Art History G2
Biology G5
Calculus AB G5Q
Calculus BC G5Q
Chemistry G5
Chinese Language and Culture G6
Computer Science A G5Q
English Language and Composition None
English Literature and Composition G1
Environmental Science G5
European History G4
French Language and Culture G6
French Literature (no longer offered) G6
German Language and Culture G6
Government and Politics: Comparative G4
Government and Politics: United States       G4
Human Geography G4
Italian Language and Culture G6
Japanese Language and Culture G6
Latin G6
Latin Literature (no longer offered) G6
Latin: Vergil (no longer offered) G6
Macroeconomics G4
Microeconomics G4
Music Theory G2
Physics B G5
Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism G5
Physics C: Mechanics G5
Psychology G5
Spanish Language G6
Spanish Literature and Culture G6
Statistics G5Q
Studio Art: Drawing G2
Studio Art: Three-Dimensional Design G2
Studio Art: Two-Dimensional Design G2
United States History G4
World History G4


IB Examination Satisfies
Anthropology G4
Biology G5
Chemistry G5
Chinese G6
Classical Languages G6
Computer Science G5Q
Dance G2
Economics G4
English A1 G1
English A2 None
Film G2
French B G6
Geography G4
German G6
History: Africa G4
History: Americas G4
History: Asia/Oceania G4
History: Europe/Middle East G4
Mathematics G5Q
Music G2
Philosophy G3
Physics G5
Psychology G5
Spanish B G6
Theatre Arts G2
Visual Arts G2