Please note that The University of the South does not provide unofficial transcripts.

How do I order a transcript?

We do not accept transcript requests via e-mail. All transcript ordering and fulfillment services for The University of the South are provided by Parchment. Secure, electronically-delivered transcripts in PDF format are available for all current and former students. Printed transcripts sent via first-class post or FedEx are also available. Notarized transcripts are also available for an additional fee.

Current students and recent alumni with active Banner self-service accounts should login to Banner and follow links for Student Services > Academic Records > Order an Academic Transcript. Ordering through Banner provides immediate authentication in the Parchment system.

Former students and alumni without active Banner self-service accounts should order directly through Parchment. These orders may qualify for automatic authorization if certain identifying information matches your records at the University of the South. Orders not automatically authorized require a signed authorization form, which will be provided at the end of the ordering process.

What is an Academic Transcript?

An academic transcript is the University’s official certification of courses taken by, grades earned by, and degrees conferred upon an individual student. Students and alumni may need an academic transcript when seeking admission to graduate or professional schools, applying for external scholarships and fellowships, transferring to another institution, or completing applications for employment.

Grade Processing and Transcripts

Grades are recorded on transcripts at the end of each academic term. Currently-enrolled students may request that a transcript request be held until grades for the current term are recorded or until a degree is conferred and posted. During the grade processing period for end-of-term grades, official transcripts for currently-enrolled students will not be produced in order to avoid sending partial grade information. Once grades have been processed for all students, transcript production will resume. The University's transcript is a complete record of all academic work taken at this institution, regardless of whether the student was enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Theology, or both. The University does not produce partial transcripts.

Student Account Status and Academic Transcripts

Academic transcripts will not be provided for students with overdue accounts at the University.